Cecilia Chavira
Cecilia Chavira
Graphic Design & Illustration

Cecilia Chavira

Graphic Design & Illustration

+52 (656) 336 5873

About Me

I obtained my BA in Graphic Design from UACJ in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in 2009. I've been working freelance for 2 years and in an agency also in Juarez for a year.
I've also actively participated in independent filmmaking as art director, costume design, makeup, and set dressing as a hobbie.


Current job @ Fusion Mercadotecnia (Advertisement Agency):

Las Misiones Mall (Juarez, Mex)

Wendy's (Juarez/Chihuahua, Mex)

Applebee's (Juarez/Guadalajara/Morelia/Colima, Mex)

Great American (Juarez, Mex/El Paso, TX)

COCEF/BECC (Juarez, Mex/El Paso, TX)
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